Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam is a very striking adage having a deep meaning. Though it could be interpreted in several ways, in this blog post, I will explain the hidden meaning in the hierarchy of the entities represented in this phrase with my own sort of a metaphor.

We are all just put into an infinite ocean in the name of birth and life. Matha(Mother) ,Pitha(Father) ,Guru(Teacher) and Deivam(God) are the ones who help us stay afloat and survive. The very first one to help here is Matha (keel) by giving us food (milk) essential for us to function . Then comes Pitha (hull) who backs up with the finance or the resources for entering the next stage of life. Guru (rudder) ! Gives us the knowledge or the direction to lead the life or in other words, helps us manage the resources that Matha and Pitha provided. Deivam ?! God ! Why is he there now ? Since we have got all the resources and direction to sail the ocean of life. what is the need of God then ? Somewhere down the line after birth, people realise that the ocean is infinite and eventually we are all going to sink(die) . Still why is there a need of God ? Before we sink into that ocean, the resources would sink and we won’t be having the ship we had .While some people want to swim by themselves (atheist), others need a support (theist), something like a log to continue their journey. May be the log is imaginary or may be it exists but I feel We (humans) are not smart enough to question that. We are all just tiny figments trying to explore the infinity (universe) in every possible manner. Looking back it’ll all just look like a dream (our journey). Life is beautiful :)

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
Albert Eitnsein

PS: To know about the different parts of the ship and their significance, refer this link. I used the same for my reference :P .