Hello world ! This is my first blog post and in this article I will give a brief introduction about myself and say about the type of content I will be posting in this blog .

I am Adithya Selvaprithiviraj, currently pursuing my final year of undergraduate course majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I love thinking about life, Universe and also love working with electronics. My primary research interest is Computer Vision, and related areas of interest include Robotics and Embedded systems. I have a broad skill set and have worked on several projects in fields of Computer Vision, Embedded systems, Robotics and Internet Of Things. I am a foodie and I love trying different food. In my free time, I write small hacks and scripts using python which helps me to automate humdrum tasks.

Why a blog ?

I always wanted to blog and share my personal experiences with people so that it will be helpful for them. But I never had time since I was completely involved in doing projects and building things . Now I feel it is so important to share what I know or what I have learnt more than just doing some work and having it with myself or giving it to someone. I strongly believe that one can learn things only by doing and whatever they read in their books is just knowledge. Knowledge is just a collection of dead facts and I feel its very important to know things by doing rather than just having a knowledge about it. So In this blog, I will be posting about my life experiences, projects that I am doing and general tutorials or how to do’s, which I think will help people in the process of learning by doing. I would like to end this post by mentioning the famous quote

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” –Albert Einstein